Introduction to Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling Online

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2 – Clean Setup and Demonstration

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

  Lesson 2 has two parts: (a) How to do a Clean Set-up; and (b) A demonstration of Clean Language. Recommended reading: Pages 10-16 of the course workbook. Video 2a.…

3 – Clean Questions

Length: 80 minutesComplexity: Standard

  Lesson 3 is in two parts: (a) the Basic Clean Questions – developing; and (b) More Clean Questions – relating. Recommended reading: Pages 17-21 of the course workbook. Video…

4 – Problem-Remedy-Outcome Model

Length: 70 minutesComplexity: Standard

  In this lesson we explore both the PRO Model, a vital part of clean coaching, and the Three-Part Syntax format for asking Clean Language questions. Recommended reading: Pages 22-26…

5 – Invite a Metaphor from a Feeling

Length: 50 minutesComplexity: Standard

  In this lesson you will learn how to facilitate people to convert statements such as “I’m confident”, “I feel curious” or “I know what I need to do” into…

6 – Symbolic Modelling Process

Length: 140 minutesComplexity: Standard

  Lesson 6 is in three parts: (a) the Symbolic Modelling process; (b) an annotated demonstration of Symbolic Modelling; and (c) another complete clean coaching session. Recommended reading: Pages 29-36…

7 – Guardian Angel Demonstration

Length: 60 minutesComplexity: Standard

  In this final lesson you will observe a fourth full-session demonstration in which the coach is being guided by James to follow the Symbolic Modelling process. [Download] Further resources can…