Online Clean Language Training

Welcome to the Clean Language & Symbolic Modeling Online Training with James Lawley and Penny Tompkins. For over 20 years James and Penny have been sharing David Grove’s Clean Language and their Symbolic Modelling work throughout the world.

Now you can learn with James and Penny online from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

This online course will provide you with basic Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling skills. You will learn how to facilitate others to explore their metaphors of the mind so they can unravel, understand and re-organise them for change, self-development and self-enhancement.

This course consists of 7 lessons with a total of 12 videos (including 8 demonstrations of which 4 are complete coaching sessions), 6 quizzes and a 37-page workbook. Each video takes between 20-60 minutes to watch, plus the time required to practice and implement your new skills.


  1. Introduction to Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling
  2. Clean Setup and demonstration
  3. Clean Questions
  4. Problem-Remedy-Outcome Model
  5. Invite a Metaphor from a Feeling
  6. The Symbolic Modelling Process and demonstrations
  7. Guardian Angel demonstration

At the completion of each lesson you can take an optional multiple choice assessment. Upon successful completion of all module assessments, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.

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What are people saying about the program?

“3 minutes into lesson 1b and I have got way more than value of the course fee – Thanks”  – Bruce Wilson

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am by the clarity of the content of this course. Even as someone who thought he understood the realm of symbolic modelling pretty well I found the introductory segment expanded my understanding of the scope of the metaphorical relationship with reality even further than before. Another Aha moment if you will… I believe this is symptomatic of a kind of iterative learning. You know, “getting it” at progressively deeper levels…. “  – Guy Fearon

“I’ve very sadly come to the end of the course, too soon because I could watch you both in action ’til the cows come home. … One person gave me the the chance to help her explore her resentment (in at the deep end!) which I did, for an hour and a half, rather successfully we both thought. That gave me huge reassurance and confidence. … I’m really excited by what I’ve learned and I want to share that. … Thank you very much .. you’re both marvellous!” – Anita Morling