Online Clean Language Training Program


Start your online Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling Training today. Upon enrollment you will get instant access to all of the Clean Language Online training program videos for your exclusive use for the next 3 months.

Clean Language & Symbolic Modellin (1)



This course consists of 7 lessons with a total of 12 videos (including 8 demonstrations of which 4 are complete coaching sessions), 6 quizzes and a 37-page workbook. Each video takes between 20-60 minutes to watch, plus the time required to practice and implement your new skills.


  1. Introduction to Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling
  2. Clean Setup and demonstration
  3. Clean Questions
  4. Problem-Remedy-Outcome Model
  5. Invite a Metaphor from a Feeling
  6. The Symbolic Modelling Process and demonstrations
  7. Guardian Angel demonstration


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